2015-2016 Catalog 
    Sep 23, 2020  
2015-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Errata Sheet

Corrections and Additions to the 2015-2016 Joliet Junior College Catalog

CO240 CIOS Microcomputers for Business, AAS.  Remove SPCH 101 from Communications General Education.  Should only say ENG.101.

FIN 100 Title of course should be Personal Finance

CPR 100 CPR for Health Career Providers has been withdrawn effective 7/1/15.

NA 101 Certified Nurse Assistant Training remove CPR 100 as concurrent requirement.

MFG 120 Physical Metallurgy remove MFG 101 as prerequisite.  Course has no prerequisites.

CIS 296 Computer Forensics add CIS 275 and CIS 292 as prerequisites.

Carpenters Apprenticeship Courses (CAP) - All CAP courses are withdrawn effective 7/27/15 approved by Illinois Community College Board.

PHYS 102 General Physics II - should have * asterisk indicating can be used as Additional Science and Related Courses for the AS degree.

ART 113 International Ceramics should be listed in the paper version as a Course Approved for Elective in the AA/AS degrees.

Career and Technical General Education - Remove HIST 200 from Social and Behavioral Sciences ADD to Humanities, Remove HIST 103 and 104 From Humanities ADD to Social and Behavioral Sciences.

ENG 190 Introduction to Film Study - Should have IAI code listed in paper catalog F2 908.

BIO 149 Principals of Biology - Should be listed in the paper catalog version as a Life Science for the AA degrees.

Career and Technical General Education, Group III: Humanities and Fine Arts - Removed sentance that says that there is no specific requirement for AAS degrees except for Business department degrees.

Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals for JJC have been updated effective July 1, 2015

CHEM 102 General Chemistry II - clarification of MATH COMPASS placement requirement.  Added “placement into MATH 139 or higher”.

CO110 Digital Media Production - Correction and clarification to General Education courses.  CIS 126 is a required course eff. 2015FL.

CO241 Network Security Specialist - Correction to Major Core Electives: Remove CIS 162.

CA410 Hospitality Management - HOSP 112 should be listed as CA111.

EDUC 115 Introduction to Technology in Education - Should not have have any prerequisites listed. No prerequisites required.

Health Information Management, CO525 - Should include the information that BIO 151, or the Anatomy sequence BIO 250 and 251 can be substituted for BIO 125.

Technology Fundamentals, CO845 - Update required courses and major core electives to remove withdrawn courses.

TE600 Mechanical Production Technology - change major core requirement to say, “Any welding course 3 credit hours”.

AS 228 Introduction to Diesel Technology - should be 3 credit hours, 2-2-3.

CO535 Computer Information Systems Microcomputer Support Technician, Certificate of Achievement - Added CIS 277 to Major Core Requirements.