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    Dec 02, 2020  
2015-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Workforce Development




Workforce Development Information

Workforce Development’s vision: changing lives by developing a dynamic workforce through resources and programs while connecting people to business and community.

Workforce Development at Joliet Junior College is committed to encouraging local economic development by cultivating partnerships to provide comprehensive services to the Will and Grundy County workforces. Programs and services are provided in partnership with the Will and Grundy County Workforce Systems which focus on the economic needs of each region.

Workforce Development also provides services leading to employment and retention in high-wage and high-skilled jobs. Services include: assessments, professional certification and licensing exams. Workforce Development at JJC is part of a comprehensive system of services offered as part of the One-Stop Illinois WorkNet System which serves both employers and job seekers in Illinois. Programs are supported by grants from the Workforce Investment Board of Will County; Workforce Services Division of Will County; Grundy Livingston Kankakee Workforce Investment Board; the American Association of Community Colleges; US Department of Labor; US Department of Health and Human Services and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

Workforce Investment Act

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) provides financial assistance to individuals for education and training so they can re-enter the workforce in jobs that will allow them to financially support themselves and their families. WIA funding is designed to train individuals in short-term certificate or associate degree programs that will make them more marketable for high-growth occupations in the area. Through training, workers are more likely to find better-paying jobs and employers are more likely to have their staffing needs fulfilled.

To accomplish this goal, youth, adults and dislocated workers who are eligible for assistance under the Workforce Investment Act are assessed for employable skills and referred to training as appropriate for identified sectors of growing employment demand. Ideally, this will lead to the placement of these individuals in self-sufficient employment.

WIA Training Eligibility Act

  • Laid-off, downsized, or company went out of business, and you need a new job
  • Unemployed and struggling to find a job
  • Job searching for a long time with little or no results
  • Underpaid, underemployed or under trained
  • Your education or skills don’t match your career interest
  • Youth ages 18-21 years and in need of education or training beyond high school
  • Out-of-school youth who did not complete high school

Programs and Services

Career Certified - Career Certified customers will develop the skills necessary to obtain employment, retain employment and be promoted. By attending this intensive two-week training, Career Certified customers learn transferable job skills such as creating career goals, communication skills, workplace effectiveness, business etiquette, preferred work habits and foundation job skills such as reading for information, applied mathematics and ability to locate information.

Castle Worldwide Testing Center - Workforce Development is a testing facility for Castle Worldwide (www.castleworldwide.com). Castle administers professional certifications and licensing exams for a wide variety of professional associations and government agencies. Many of the exams are related to health care, business safety and design.

Customized Academic Advising and Registration - Meet with JJC advisers one on one for assistance with career strategy, enrollment in appropriate classes and billing processing for books, tuition and fees. Individual attention and strong community and business partnerships offer a diverse array of programs and services that support educational and employment goals.

Free Training Scholarships with My Future - The My Future program is open to youth ages 17-24 who have earned their high school diploma or GED and meet income eligibility guidelines. My Future program provides occupational training in high growth-high demand occupations in Will and Grundy County. Services include: FREE occupational skills training, career assessments, one-on-one and small group mentoring and academic advising, work readiness workshops, and placement into employment.

Job Board - Workforce Development houses a job board that is viewed by several hundred job seekers a month. Individuals can view current job openings within their local area. Visit: http:jjc.edu/continuing-education/grundy-workforce/Pages/job-board.aspx.

Math Refresh & Review - This is a brush-up class for those adults planning to return to the classroom after many years or those planning on re-entering the workforce. Individuals work at their own pace to review math and reading concepts that they once knew but have since forgotten. This class is free and was designed specifically for adults.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® Assessment - The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® will help you to identify personality strengths and unique talents. You can use the information to better understand yourself, your motivations and your potential areas for growth and career options. A career counselor conducts a one-hour individual interpretation after the assessment. There is a fee associated with this assessment.

National Career Readiness Certificate - The National Career Readiness Certificate verifies to employers anywhere in the United States that an individual has essential core employable skills in reading, math, and locating information. When employers ask for the National Career Readiness Certificate for jobs in their workplace, they tap into the most qualified labor pool in the area. Participants receive a work readiness credential, gaining a competitive edge, and become certified through the following assessments: Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics and Locating Information.

Plus 50 Workforce Center - The Plus 50 Workforce Center provides a special set of workshops and services geared specifically to the adult learner facing the opportunities and challenges of choosing a new career after age 50. Individuals age 50 and better who are leaving their current jobs and searching for a second career or retirement job are offered customized services to assist them in the career decision-making and job search processes. Programs and workshops, as well as access to a comprehensive resource area, are customized to meet the needs of the mature job seeker. The following free Plus 50 workshops are offered: career assessment, resume writing, interviewing skills, Internet job search, networking and career research.

Strong Interest Inventory ® - The Strong Interest Inventory ® helps you better understand your interests and match those interests with career options or leisure activities. The inventory will allow you to compare your interests to those of men and women who are already successfully employed in a wide variety of occupations. A career counselor conducts a one-hour individual interpretation. There is a fee associated with this assessment.

Workforce System Resource Room - Customers can utilize a variety of resources to aid in their job search and career planning. The resource room is equipped with computers, printers, a fax and telephone to help with job search research and correspondence. Literature on career exploration, job search strategies, resume writing, and interviewing techniques are available.

WorkKeys Assessments
WorkKeys® Joliet Junior College is one of more than 300 WorkKeys Solution Providers nationwide. WorkKeys is an ACT-developed system that has helped thousands of companies, organizations, and individuals identify and learn the skills needed to fill specific jobs.

The abilities to learn, listen, communicate, work in teams, and solve problems are important assets for any workers, regardless of career choice. WorkKeys assessments measure these abilities in four key areas:

  • Communication: business writing, listening, reading for information, writing
  • Problem solving: applied mathematics, applied technology, locating information, observation
  • Interpersonal skills: teamwork
  • Personal skills: performance, talent, fit

WorkKeys Paraprofessional Certificate -The Illinois State Board of Education requires paraprofessionals/teachers aides working in schools receiving Title I funds to meet requirements federally mandated in the No Child Left Behind Act. Individuals looking to meet the state requirements by taking WorkKeys assessments can become certified through the following assessments: Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics and Business Writing.

Services for Businesses


Testing and Assessment - In today’s challenging world of work, most jobs require a certain level of basic skills such as math and reading. We have the ability to test an applicant’s math and reading levels, which can provide you with valuable information to assist in the hiring process. Additional testing/assessment services are available to help you develop your existing workforce or find the perfect job candidate.

Workforce Development

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