2010-2011 Catalog 
    Mar 28, 2020  
2010-2011 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

PHYS 101 - General Physics I

Lecture - Lab - Credit Hours: 4-3-5
IAI Code: P1 900L
An introduction to the central ideas, principles and relationships of matter and energy. These are applied to the phenomena of our environment through lectures, demonstrations and laboratory exercises. Topics normally covered are motion, gravitation, friction, work, energy, power, momentum, rotation, oscillatory motion, states of matter, and heat. Computer technology will be employed to collect, analyze and display data.Prerequisite: Placement into ENG 101 , or minimum grade “C” in ENG 021  and ENG 099 , or in ENG 095 /ENG 096 ; and appropriate placement score or minimum grade “C” in MATH 139 , which may be taken concurrently.