2012-2013 Catalog 
    Oct 22, 2020  
2012-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Criminal Justice Studies, A.A.S.

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Program Code: SS180

Degree Requirements

The primary objective of the Criminal Justice Studies program is to provide the student with a broad knowledge base in general education and criminal justice designed to develop individual competency and analytical thought process, as well as to facilitate the development of applied abilities and skills within the field. Graduates will, based on degree or certificate option selections, have excellent academic credentials for a number of diversified, entry-level positions in addition to transfer acceptability to a number of senior colleges and universities.

Many people have a limited perception of the various careers available within the criminal justice field. Frequently, criminal justice careers are only associated with uniformed law enforcement work. While uniformed law enforcement officers may be the most visible professionals in criminal justice, many other opportunities exist outside of police-related work. Career opportunities (outside of law enforcement) in criminal justice generally can be categorized into four major fields: courts and law, corrections and human services, forensic science, and private security. In these areas, a multitude of challenging occupations provide for an enormous range of personal and career satisfaction. (Students interested in law enforcement or police-related careers are encouraged to pursue the college’s Law Enforcement program.)

Employment prospects for criminal justice appear favorable because of the unfortunate fact that crime exists and continues to be one of our major social problems, necessitating an increased concern for services that ensure the safety of our society. Additionally, the criminal justice field will continue to be affected by new advances in technology, adding increased job opportunities for trained personnel who can apply their technical skills and knowledge to crime prevention and detection. Qualified women and minorities, previously underrepresented in this field, can expect to be actively recruited.

General Education Requirements (Must include the following): 22 Semester Hours

Department Electives: 15 Semester Hours

Selecting Electives: Students should discuss elective selection with the academic adviser for criminal justice studies who can assist in making recommendations that will enhance student career and goal preparation.

Total Required Hours: 67 Semester Hours

Special Program Notes:

Many employers in the criminal justice and law enforcement field may require employees to submit to mandatory medical examinations, physical agility tests, personal background checks, and drug testing as a condition to their hiring and continuing employment. Certain physical impairments may bar affected students from employment in many aspects of the criminal justice and law enforcement profession. Questions or concerns regarding these requirements should be directed to the coordinator of the Criminal Justice Studies/Law Enforcement programs.

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