2022-2023 Catalog 
    Jun 23, 2024  
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Workforce Education


Adult Education and Literacy

Our program is the primary provider of adult education instruction, support, and transition programs and services for adults 16 year and older who have not completed high school, who need to brush up on reading, writing, or math skills for further education/training, and /or who are not native English speakers/writers. Programs and services include:

Instructional Programs

High School Equivalency (GED, HiSET, TASC) Preparation /Review Course - High School Equivalency (HSE) test preparation course includes instruction in and a review of each GED test subject (reading/ writing, social studies, science and math). Specific test-taking strategies and connections to higher-level education and career training are included, along with tips for overcoming test anxiety. Free professional tutors are available for individual and small-group appointments and support services are available. Individuals who pass high school equivalency test are invited to participate in an annual graduation ceremony.

Constitution Review - Prepare to pass the Illinois and U.S. Constitution test requirements for the high school equivalency. This review is available in class or online and is recommended for adults who have registered for a high school equivalency test (GED, HiSET, TASC), and those who have previously attempted but not passed the Constitution test.

i-Pathways (HSE Online Preparation) - i-Pathways is an Internet-based, instructor facilitated instructional program that may be utilized as a stand-alone program or may be combined with traditional classroom instruction to help prepare students for high school equivalency test. i-Pathways students must qualify for the program via reading and math assessment. i-Pathways students are assigned to an instructor who reviews all submitted lessons, provides comments/feedback and guidance and monitors students throughout the program. i-Pathways is offered as a distance-education option for students who lack transportation or child care or whose work or other schedule prevents regular classroom attendance.

Adult High School Diploma Program/Early School Leaver Transition Program - Qualified adults over 16 years of age who have left high school prior to graduation are assisted in meeting the requirements for obtaining their high school diplomas. High school transcripts and an agreement with the high school are required. At intake, the student must provide a written letter/document indicating that he/she does not intend to return to high school. Instruction is offered as supervised independent study. Weekly meetings are scheduled with the instructor to submit completed coursework and take quizzes and tests, etc. The Early School Leaver Transition Program is offered under the Adult High School Diploma Program, and may require additional documentation and approval from the student’s high school in order to enroll.

Adult Basic Education/Basic Skills Development - The Adult Basic Education and Basic Skills Development classes are designed for out-of-school youths and adults who are experiencing difficulties with reading, writing, math and/or problem solving, as well as students with special learning needs, including limited English proficiency. Students are individually assessed from basic literacy to the eighth-grade level and monitored for progress into high school equivalency level courses. Basic skill and adult basic education classes offer small class sizes, computer-assisted instruction, and individual or classroom tutors.

English as a Second Language - The English as a Second Language program assists individuals who need to improve their English skills for academic, employment, professional, or personal purposes. Six levels of instruction (literacy/beginning through advanced) are offered. Students are placed according to levels via standardized skills assessments. Instruction is offered four to 12 hours per week. Integrated skill modules focus on listening, speaking/pronunciation, reading/vocabulary, and writing/grammar.

United States Citizenship - Free citizenship courses for adults prepare individuals to take the test for U.S. citizenship. The course is based on current written and oral questions and includes modules in U.S. history and government, the U.S. Constitution, customs, citizenship rights and responsibilities, and preparing for the citizenship interview and exam. Assistance with completing the citizenship application is also provided by trained staff.

Support Services

Student Assessment and Accommodations Center - The Student Assessment and Accommodations Center is the entry point for adult education students. Assessment and accommodations staff members provide professional assessment, orientation and placement in appropriate adult education classes and programs. Trained professionals also provide appropriate accommodations for special needs students. Services include:

  • Basic skills and English literacy assessment
  • High School Equivalency test preparation/practice testing and assessment
  • Individualized/small-group tutorial services
  • Computer-assisted instruction
  • Student Achievement in Reading, a national evidence-based program designed to help struggling readers overcome barriers so they can progress to advanced levels of instruction
  • Goal-setting and education and training plan development

College and Career Transitions Center - Trained advisers assist qualified adult education students in making successful transitions to postsecondary education, career training and/or employment. The transition process begins with career exploration and research and continues through appropriate course/program selection, financial aid applications, registration and/or employment readiness and job search. Careers in areas of high employment demand are highlighted, along with an appropriate career path for individuals to begin. Services also include the college’s placement test administration and advising and assistance from professional tutors to prepare for the test and/or High School Equivalency Test. Call (815) 280-1354 for more information.

ESL Advising and Transition Services - Advanced ESL students are assisted in transitioning to basic skills courses and/or college preparation courses and are provided assistance with advanced course selection and program planning. Advisers work with students to plan a program of study to meet individual needs and goals beyond ESL-specific programming.

Adult Volunteer Literacy Program - Trained volunteer tutors are available to assist adults, ages 16 years and older, who need assistance with reading, writing, and/or English language skills. Tutors are available to meet with individual students, with small groups, and/or in literacy level or basic skills classes.

Volunteers who wish to conduct one-on-one, small group or classroom tutoring also receive training through the Volunteer Literacy program. Twelve hours of initial training are scheduled. Volunteers are placed according to their availability at locations throughout the JJC District. Advanced training, professional development and instructional and support materials are provided at no charge to volunteers. This program is funded by the Secretary of State Literacy office.


Adult Education and Literacy


Contact Information:

JJC City Center Campus
Third Floor, Suite 3019
235 North Chicago Street
Joliet, Illinois 60432



(815) 280-1333



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Workforce Development

Workforce Development at Joliet Junior College is committed to encouraging local economic development by cultivating partnerships to provide comprehensive services to the residents and businesses in Will and Grundy Counties. Programs and services are provided in partnership with local Workforce Systems which focus on the economic needs of each region.

Services include:


JJC advisors are available to help you explore various career paths, choose classes. They can also provide information on different training programs available at JJC. One-on-one or small group advising is available.


Multiple career assessments are offered for the purposes of career advancement, employment pre-screening and identifying certifications.  The following assessments are available: Castle, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Paraprofessional, StrengthsQuest, Strong Interest Inventory and WorkKeys.

Career Certified

Career Certified addresses the soft skills, leadership skills and cognitive skills adults need to be successful in the workplace. These life skills include understanding work-related health and safety, work habits and conduct personal leadership at work, communication, teamwork and collaboration, rights and responsibilities of workers and employers and customer service.

ACT WorkKeys Currciulum®

ACT WorkKeys Curriculum® training system helps sharpen the workplace skills of students and employees. The online program is self-paced and can help you prepare for the WorkKeys® Assessment, or assist you in increasing your scores.

Career Scholarships (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act - WIOA)

This Act provides financial assistance for education and training so individuals can re-enter the workforce in jobs that will allow them to financially support themselves and their families. WIOA funding is designed to train individuals in short-term certificate or associates degree programs that will make them more marketable for high-demand occupations in the local area.

Connect to Your Future/My Future

These programs are open to youth ages 17-24 who meet income eligibility guidelines. They provide occupational training in high-growth, high-demand occupations and/or will assist participants in earning a GED. Services include: FREE occupational skills training, career assessments, one-on-one and small group mentoring, academic advising, work readiness workshops and placement into employment.

Business Services

Employers can post their open position on our job board, come on-site and host hiring events and join our job fairs. 

WorkKeys Paraprofessional Certificate

The Illinois State Board of Education requires paraprofessionals/teacher’s aides working in schools receiving Title I funds to meet requirements federally mandated in the No Child Left Behind Act. Individuals looking to meet the state requirements by taking WorkKeys assessments can become certified through the following assessments: Workplace Documents and Applied Math.


A variety of work-readiness workshops are offered to assist you in every stage of your career.  Workshops are available for Resume and Cover Letter Development, Job Search, Interview Preparation, Networking and more.

Will County Residents & Businesses:  Grundy County Residents & Businesses:
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