2018-2019 Catalog 
    Jun 23, 2024  
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Content Courses (INST)



List of Courses with International Content for 2017-2018


Course No.

Course Title


Course No.

Course Title

ANTH 101

Introduction to Anthropology


HIST 201

Modern Europe Since 1815

ANTH 275

Cultural Anthropology


HIST 205

French Revolution

ART 113

International Ceramics


HIST 220

History of Soviet Russia

ART 115

Introduction to Ancient and Medieval Art


HIST 240

History of Latin America

ART 116

Introduction to Renaissance and Baroque Art


HIST 260

History of Middle East

ART 117

Introduction to Modern Art


HIST 270

History of World War II

BUS 214

International Business


HIST 290

History of Africa

CA 141

Culinary Studies Abroad


HORT 286

Floral Design IV - European Floral Design

ECON 111

Introduction to International Economics


INST 101

Intro to International Studies

ENG 105

Survey of English Literature


INST 102

Global Interaction Skills

ENG 106

Survey of English Literature


INTD 116

Furniture History

ENG 203

Introduction to Drama


INTD 216

Historical Interiors

ENG 208

Masterpieces of Western Civilization


MKTG 115

International Marketing

ENG 209

Masterpieces of Western Civilization


MKTG 116

Introduction to Import and Export

ENG 220

Non-Western Literature in Translation


MUS 101

Exploration of Music Literature

ENG 221

Literature of Asia


MUS 107

Music in World Cultures

ENG 250

Introduction to Shakespeare


MUS 201

Music History I

ENG 270

Introduction to Women Writers


MUS 202

Music History II

GEOG 102

World Regional Geography


PHIL 101

Introduction to Philosophy

GEOG 104

Introductory Economic Geography


PHIL 102

History of Philosophy

GEOG 106

Cultural Geography


PHIL 103

Introduction to Ethics

HIST 105

History of Civilization I


PHIL 104

Introduction to Logic

HIST 106

History of Civilization II


PSCI 103

Introduction to Comparative Government

HIST 107

World History to 1500


SOC 240

Introduction to Comparative Religion

HIST 108

World History since 1500


SOC 265

Sociology of War, Conflict and Peace

HIST 111

History of Agriculture


THEA 101

Introduction to the Theatre

HIST 200

History of Great Britain Since 1688


TWL 120

Introduction to Import and Export