2019-2020 Catalog 
    Oct 04, 2023  
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Errata Sheet

Corrections and Additions to the 2019-2020 Joliet Junior College Catalog

Accounting, AAS - Removed ACCY 108 from major core elective options. It is a major core requirement. Added CIS 124 to major core electives.

ART 226 - The prerequisite of ART 126 has been removed.

Associate of Applied Science General Education - Removed “Business degrees within the Business Departent must complete one course from science and one course from math totaling at least 7 credit hours from the list below” from the Group IV Math/Sciences requirement. Students in any AAS, including Business AAS degrees, are only required to take a minimum of three credits from the list of approved math and science courses.

Automated Controls & Robotics, Certificate - Added new program to catalog, effective Spring 2020.

BUS 111 - Corrected course description.

CDEV 210 - Added IAI Major number: ECE 915.

Child Development Professional Certificate and AAS - Added CDEV 137 as a Major Core Elective.

Culinary Arts, AAS - Corrected total hours from 69 to 67. Corrected semester hours of major core requirements from 46 to 44.

FIN 100 - This course should be categorized under “Finance” instead of “Economics.”

Fire Science Technology, AAS - Corrected total hours from 64 to 61.

Geographic Information Systems, AAS - Added new program to catalog, effective Spring 2020.

GIS Fundamentals, Certificate - Added new program to catalog, effective Spring 2020.

Graduation Policy - The graduation policy has been updated to match the recently approved Board Policy 4.04.00 Graduation Requirements.

Intensive English for Academic Purposes (IEAP) - Removed from catalog. It is no longer offered.

Horticulture Floral Design, CCO - Removed HORT 299 and corrected program hours from 28 to 27.

Horticulture Landscape Contracting Option, AAS - Added HORT 256 and HORT 257 to Major Core Electives.

Joliet Junior College Academic Calendar 2019/2020 - Start date of Summer 2 / 8-Week Session corrected to read June 8, 2020.

LENF 216 - Added course and listed as major core elective to SS510.

LTA 201 - Corrected course description.

Marketing, AAS - Corrected total hours from 64 to 60.

Medical Assisting Certificate and MA courses - Added the Medical Assisting Certificate to programs, effective Spring 2020, and the MA courses in the program (MA 100 - 108).

Medical Coding Specialist, Certificate - Moved from CIOS Department to Health and Public Services Department.

MUS 143 - Added prerequisite of MUS 141 with a minimum grade of C.

THEA 105 - Added prerequisite of THEA 104 with a minimum grade of C or consent of department.

Transcript Requests - The toll-free phone number for Transcripts Ordering Services has been updated to Credentials Customer Service’s new number: (847) 716-3005.

VET 295 - Added course.

TE405 Automated Controls and Robotics, Certificate of Completion.  New for spring 2020.

TE450 Geographic Information Systems, AAS. New for spring 2020.

TE451 GIS Fundamentals, Certificate of Completion.  New for spring 2020.

Added new Board of Trustee, Betty Washington.

CIS 236 - Programming in C - added to list of Transfer Electives for the AA/AS degrees.