2018-2019 Catalog 
    Apr 12, 2024  
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Horticulture Landscape Contracting Option, A.A.S.

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Program Code: AG650

The Landscape Contracting program is accredited by the National Association of Landscape Professionals. The increased development of private and public lands has created a need for trained landscape contractors and designers. The Landscape Contracting specialization addresses this need and offers opportunities for individuals seeking employment in the landscape industry. Training at Joliet Junior College allows students to focus on topics such as landscape design, estimating and bidding, landscape construction and ground maintenance. It combines intensive coursework with practical hands-on training and allows students to work with the most advanced materials and components available. Students utilize the outdoor gardens as part of their hands-on training experience. Field trips and guest speakers keep the students and faculty in close contact with the industry and its concerns.

Graduates of JJC’s Landscape Contracting program have professional training, experience, and skills in the basics of landscape contracting. Our professional training emphasizes plant identification, care and culture, designing full-scale landscapes, construction techniques, bidding, estimating, maintenance practices, and installation techniques.

Employment opportunities exist for supervisors and managers in residential and commercial landscaping, garden design, park management and maintenance and in horticultural supply companies. Career opportunities include: landscape designer, landscape sales and marketing supervisor, landscape maintenance supervisor, computer landscape designer, landscape construction supervisor, park management supervisor, and golf course maintenance supervisor. Professional positions are currently available in the following areas: sales and marketing, design, installation and maintenance, computer landscape design, crew foreman, and construction.

The college maintains professional affiliations with the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association (ILCA) as well as with other related industry organizations.  Students complete 19 weeks of internship training in a related landscape industry.