2018-2019 Catalog 
    Apr 15, 2024  
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Completion Guide

Operations Technician, Certificate of Achievement

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Program Code: TE143

The certificate in Operations Technician is for individual who has earned an AAS in either IMT or EEAS.  The additional skills learned in this additional credential open the individual to a wider range of employment opportunities in the industry.

Admission Requirements
1) Complete an application to the college found at www.jjc.edu/admissions and select one of the following choices
a. Operations Engineering, AAS
b. Operations Technician, AAS
c. Operations Engineering, CAC
d. Operations Technician, CAC
2) High School transcript or GED on file with the Admissions Office verifying completion.
3) Placement into the following courses based on degree type; ENG 101 and Math 138 or higher for OE or ENG 130 and Math 119 for OT.
4) All college transcripts (other than JJC) must be evaluated and placed on record prior to submission of your application for the program.
5) Schedule an appointment with the OET advisor to review documents and the procedure

Health Physical
Will need to demonstrate they meet the physical requirements for a field technician
a. Lift more than 50 pounds routinely
b. Ability to climb ladders
c. Work standing on their feet 85% of the time
d. Able to bend and stoop routinely
e. Walk long distances without assistance

The individual can re-apply for the program every April.

Not available

Transfer Students
They need to follow the same process listed above in applying for the program.

Program Calendar
The program will start in the fall semester only.