2012-2013 Catalog 
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2012-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Community and Economic Development

The Division of Community and Economic Development (CED) is the headquarters for adult education and family literacy, workforce development, and customized employee training and business development, for Joliet Junior College’s district. CED provides comprehensive economic and professional development services to assist organizations in achieving workforce and workplace excellence. Partnerships enable JJC to maximize its employment, training and educational resources, build coalitions, empower individuals, and nurture collaborative activities that improve the quality of life within the district.

CED strives to be a leader in the growth of value-added and quality jobs, a partner in accomplishing the collective vision of developing and maintaining a technologically trained workforce, an adviser in assisting district businesses to be competitive in the world marketplace, and a visionary in preparing the future workforce while responding to the needs of the community. The following objectives guide CED in achieving these goals:

  1. To be a catalyst for economic growth and improvement by tying education, training, business consultation and employee development to the economic well-being of the region,
  2. To create and strengthen linkages, win/win philosophies and public private partnerships among commerce, industry, education, labor, government, and community organizations that promote strong strategic synergy, economic foundations and industry clusters.
  3. To inspire trust and counsel local businesses in adjusting to and implementing new technology, best manufacturing and management practices, sound instructional practices, information services, and skills standards to meet the changing workforce and workplace requirements of the global economy.
  4. To constantly retrain and update the area workforce through classroom and laboratory instruction, just-in-time education, distance learning, and a lifelong learning process to raise real income, increase job security, and meet the human resource development needs of district residents and businesses.
  5. To foster economic diversity, restore and/or enhance the economic vitality of communities, and develop the spirit of entrepreneurship and competitive advantage through small business growth, flexible business networks, innovative, electronic commerce and increased productivity.
  6. To serve as the portfolio manager of education and training services; a one-stop shop for skills assessment testing and business and industry data; the stimulus to job creation and retention and workforce preparation programs; and interactive learning/information dissemination through technology for this geographical area.

CED provides a full range of workforce and workplace services that are uniquely tailored to the needs of customers. These services include:

  1. Comprehensive business counseling, manufacturing assessment, information dissemination and technology brokering services for area companies.
  2. Providing occupational, professional, safety, quality, telecommunications, business, technical, maintenance, health care and computer training services targeted to the individual needs of businesses within the college’s district.
  3. State-of-the-art computer labs, Internet and marketing programs, website development, strategic marketing, distance learning, and computer network consulting and training services.
  4. Multiple programs of diverse workforce preparation services, focusing on needs analysis, labor market information, occupational testing, skills assessment, certification, vocational training, employee recruitment and selection, academic advising, and training program design and evaluation.
  5. Comprehensive employment and training programs for unemployed and underemployed individuals.
  6. GED, ESL, citizenship, temporary assistance for needy families (TANF) and a variety of other programs addressing community needs.
  7. Partnering and collaborating with local, state, and national organizations to expand services, improve quality and value, maximize resources, and achieve common goals.

CED has received numerous forms of state and national recognition for its programs and services, bottom-line performance results, and leadership. CED is recognized as a model economic development program within a community college setting. Community and Economic Development is located at the City Center Campus and in the Main Campus T-Building Conference Center. For more information on CED, call (815) 280-1525.

Corporate and Community Services Program Information

Corporate and Community Services maintains a close relationship with the general public and the business community. On-site training for businesses includes programs to improve worker productivity and safety, supervisory training, and industrial maintenance. The Illinois Small Business Development Center advises entrepreneurs on starting and growing a business.

For the general public, CCS offers a variety of open-enrollment seminars. Some are designed to prepare people for new careers in trucking, medical billing and coding, sleep technology, and more. Lifelong learning programs include seminars in drawing, painting, cooking, and photography, to name a few. Kids College offers many learning opportunities for children ages 3 to 15+ and includes courses in cartooning, robolab, autoCAD, and more.

Corporate and Community Services (CCS) is located at the Main Campus T-building Conference Center. For more information on CCS, call (815) 280-1555.

Contact Information:   Joliet Junior College
T-Building, Room T-1007
1215 Houbolt Road
Joliet, Illinois 60431
(815) 280-1555
Business and Industry:   www.trainingupdate.org
Lifelong Learning, Kids College and Will County Traffic School:   www.jjc.edu/llc
Small Business Development Center:   www.sbdc.jjc.edu

Business and Industry Services

If you have a training need, our professional team of contract trainers and program developers can offer results-oriented programs giving your employees real-world knowledge immediately applicable on the job. All of our programs can be customized to meet your organization’s specific business and training objectives. Our programs can be offered at your site or at one of the college’s convenient training facilities. We are committed to meeting your specific training needs and developing long-term partnerships.

Academic Advising For Employers

CCS has staff available to assist your employees with a smooth transition back into the classroom to further their education by enrolling in credit classes. Our staff will meet with you one on one to assist with your career strategy, enroll you in appropriate classes, and explain the paperless billing process for books, tuition and fees. Individual attention and strong community and business partnerships offer customers a diverse array of programs and services that will support educational and employment-related goals.

Career Training (short-term)

CCS has a wide variety of short-term training programs that will prepare you to enter a new career. Individuals re-entering the workforce or seasoned veterans looking for expanded skills training strive to improve their performance in a variety of areas. JJC’s Corporate and Community Services meet the needs of every industrial sector: manufacturing, service, utility and government. Joliet Junior College takes pride in providing students with professional atmospheres conducive to developing career-focused abilities. Local industry professionals instruct students in numerous hands-on courses and impart practical, real-world knowledge. Programs include health care, banking, construction, forklift, photography, legal, process operator and Spanish interpreter.

Computer Services

Whether you are interested in computer applications such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint, or more technical applications such as A+, Oracle, or Web design, CCS has the course for you. Our services include several state-of-the-art computer labs as well as a mobile computer lab that can be brought to your site for instruction.

Customized Training and Assessment

On-site assessments and customized in-house training are available.

Employer/Employee Services

CCS provides a diverse platform of training programs that include pre-employment testing and interviewing, employee assessment, career development and strategic planning, and HR function training.

Grant Funding Opportunity

JJC’s Corporate and Community Services has partnered with the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to provide area companies with grant funding. The grant funding may reimburse for approved training programs up to 50%.

Meeting Space

Our state-of-the-art facility offers you and your organization the latest in electronic presentation technologies, comfort and convenience. The conference center features three professional meeting rooms, a computer training lab, a technology training lab and a reception area. The conference center is an ideal off-site location for your next meeting or training event. For more information, call (815) 280-1429.

Online Training

Our online courses are informative, fun, convenient and highly interactive. Courses are project-oriented and include lessons, quizzes, hands-on assignments, discussion areas, supplementary links and more. You can complete any of these courses entirely from your home or office, any time day or night. All courses require Internet access, email and Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Some courses may require additional software or have other requirements that are not listed here. We offer courses in a variety of disciplines including computer technology, business development, real estate, health care and insurance just to name a few. Online programs include Ed-2-Go, digital multimeter online, food sanitation, business writing, Gatlin and Pronto Spanish.

Professional Development

CCS provides high-quality training at an affordable price that will help companies remain competitive and recognize industry trends. Programs include occupational certification and licensing, health care and soft-skill training.

Spanish Training

CCS has developed programs that teach Spanish for business/occupations or teach English to those who need to speak it to be more effective communicators. The programs can be customized to the needs of the company.

Technical Training and Consulting

Help increase the skill level of employees, manage projects, train personnel, and prepare your company to utilize technology. Programs include electrical maintenance and inspection, mechanical maintenance, small business, building and grounds, manufacturing extensions, process operations, safety and compliance, quality process improvements and APICS.

Community Education

CCS designs, develops and implements a wide array of non-credit classes that enrich the lives of all ages, including youth and mature adults. Program coordinators collaborate with area businesses and instructors to ensure the delivery of innovative programming as well as traditional classes and lectures.

Kids College

Designed for students ages 3 to 17, these classes provide enrichment for imaginative young minds. Many are delighted with the chance to develop new skills and explore topics in creative settings. Students enjoy hands-on activities not only in art and engineering classes, but also in classes designed to foster reading and mathematics. Classes are set during the day, evening and Saturdays to accommodate the busy schedules of today’s families. Kids College features many summer camps.

Lifelong Learning

Explore classes designed to provide a multitude of learning opportunities. Students of all ages have been enrolling in Lifelong Learning’s non-credit classes to enrich their minds, explore new talents and even keep up with today’s constantly changing technologies. Many enjoy the more relaxed atmosphere of non-credit classes as they focus on gaining a skill without the pressure of grades. Classes are set during the day, evenings, and Saturdays to accommodate the busy schedules of today’s families. These classes and activities are often an individual’s first contact with the college.

Small Business Development Center

The Small Business Development Center at Joliet Junior College is part of a statewide network of small business resource providers, collaborating with the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, the U.S. Small Business Administration and the Service Corps of Retired Executives.

Our mission is to provide free management assistance and advice to assist emerging and existing small businesses as they develop. The center counsels nearly 600 small business and entrepreneurial clients per year by delivering up-to-date counseling, training and technical assistance in many aspects of small business management. Our clients range from start-up through existing businesses that seek ways to improve, develop or finance their organizations.

Drawing on in-house expertise, government and academic resources, and the commitment of many business service providers in the private sector, the SBDC is the preferred source for small business support in the state. For more information on the SBDC, call (815) 280-1400.

Will County Traffic School

CCS in partnership with the Will County Circuit Clerk’s office conducts a four-hour National Safety Council defensive driving course for individuals who received a moving violation in Will County. Individuals who receive a ticket outside Will County are also able to enroll in a class held at JJC.

DDC 4, a National Safety Council approved course, is a fast-paced, four-hour driver-improvement program that also makes an ideal refresher course. In just a half day, DDC 4 offers practical strategies to reduce collision-related injuries, fatalities, and costs. It addresses the importance of attitude in preventing accidents, and reinforces the good driving skills students already have. Most importantly, DDC 4 shows students the consequences of the choices they make behind the wheel, and puts defensive driving in a personal context. For information on the traffic school, call (815) 280-1401.

Department of Adult Education and Literacy (DAEL)

For the purpose of compliance with Section 111 of Public Law 101-166 (The Stevens Amendment), approximately 30% federal funds are used to offer these classes and programs.

In keeping with the college’s mission, the Department of Adult Education and Literacy provides the tools, resources, instruction and support necessary for students in the JJC community to achieve their individual, academic and employment goals.

DAEL is the primary provider of adult education instruction, support, and transition programs and services for adults 16 years and older who have not completed high school, who need to brush up on reading, writing, or math skills for further education/training, and/or who are not native English speakers/writers. Programs and services include:

Instructional Programs

GED Preparation /Review Course - The GED test preparation course includes instruction in and a review of each GED test subject (reading, writing, social studies, science and math). Specific test-taking strategies and connections to higher-level education and career training are included, along with tips for overcoming test anxiety. Free professional tutors are available for individual and small-group appointments and support services are available. Individuals who pass the GED test are invited to participate in an annual graduation ceremony.

GED Constitution Review - Prepare to pass the Illinois and U.S. Constitution test requirements for the GED. This review is available in class or online and is recommended for adults who have registered for the GED test, and those who have previously attempted but not passed the Constitution test.

i-Pathways (GED Online) - i-Pathways is an Internet-based, instructor facilitated instructional program that may be utilized as a stand-alone program or may be combined with traditional classroom instruction to help prepare students for the GED test. i-Pathways students must qualify for the program via reading and math assessment. i-Pathways students are assigned to an instructor who reviews all submitted lessons, provides comments/feedback and guidance and monitors students throughout the program.  i-Pathways is offered as a distance-education option for students who lack transportation or child care or whose work or other schedule prevents regular classroom attendance.

Adult High School Diploma Program/Early School Leaver Transition Program - Qualified adults over 16 years of age who have left high school prior to graduation are assisted in meeting the requirements for obtaining their high school diplomas. High school transcripts and an agreement with the high school are required. At intake, the student must provide a written letter/document indicating that he/she does not intend to return to high school. Instruction is offered as supervised independent study. Weekly meetings are scheduled with the instructor to submit completed coursework and take quizzes and tests, etc. The Early School Leaver Transition Program is offered under the Adult High School Diploma Program, and may require additional documentation and approval from the student’s high school in order to enroll.

Spanish GED (GED en Espanol ) - The Spanish GED program provides instruction and review of all of the GED test subjects (reading, writing, social studies, science and math) and practice tests to prepare students to pass the GED test in Spanish. A bilingual instructor teaches the course.

Adult Basic Education and Pre-GED - The Adult Basic Education and pre-GED classes are designed for out-of-school youths and adults who are experiencing difficulties with reading, writing, math and/or problem solving, as well as students with special learning needs, including limited English proficiency. Students are individually assessed from basic literacy to the eighth-grade level and monitored for progress into GED-level courses. Basic skill and adult basic education classes offer small class sizes, computer-assisted instruction, and individual or classroom tutors.

English as a Second Language - The English as a Second Language program assists individuals who need to improve their English skills for academic, employment, professional, or personal purposes. Six levels of instruction (literacy/beginning through advanced) are offered. Students are placed according to levels via standardized skills assessments. Instruction is offered four to 12 hours per week. Integrated skill modules focus on listening, speaking/ pronunciation, reading/vocabulary, and writing/grammar.

United States Citizenship - Free citizenship courses for adults prepare individuals to take the test for U.S. citizenship. The course is based on current written and oral questions and includes modules in U.S. history and government, the U.S. Constitution, customs, citizenship rights and responsibilities, and preparing for the citizenship interview and exam. Assistance with completing the citizenship application is also provided by trained staff.

Supportive Services

Student Assessment and Accommodations Center - The Student Assessment and Accommodations Center is the entry point for adult education students. Assessment and accommodations staff members provide professional assessment, orientation and placement in appropriate adult education classes and programs. Trained professionals also provide appropriate accommodations for special needs students. Services include:

  • Basic skills and English literacy assessment
  • GED preparation/practice testing and assessment
  • Individualized/small-group tutorial services
  • Computer-assisted instruction
  • Student Achievement in Reading, a national evidence-based program designed to help struggling readers overcome barriers so they can progress to advanced levels of instruction
  • Goal-setting and education and training plan development

College and Career Transitions Center - Trained advisers assist qualified adult education students in making successful transitions to postsecondary education, career training and/or employment. The transition process begins with career exploration and research and continues through appropriate course/program selection, financial aid applications, registration and/or employment readiness and job search. Careers in areas of high employment demand are highlighted, along with an appropriate career path for individuals to begin. Services also include the college’s COMPASS placement test administration and advising and assistance from professional tutors to prepare for the COMPASS test and/or GED Test. Call (815) 280-1354 for more information.

ESL Advising and Transition Services - Advanced ESL students are assisted in transitioning to basic skills courses and/or college preparation courses and are provided assistance with advanced course selection and program planning. Advisers work with students to plan a program of study to meet individual needs and goals beyond ESL-specific programming.

Stretch Out and Read (SOAR) Literacy Program - Trained volunteer tutors are available to assist adults, ages 16 years and older, who need assistance with reading, writing, and/or English language skills. Tutors are available to meet with individual students, with small groups, an/or in literacy level or basic skills classes.

Volunteers who wish to conduct one-on-one, small group or classroom tutoring also receive training through the SOAR program. Twelve hours of initial training are scheduled. Volunteers are  placed according to their availability at locations throughout  the JJC District. Advanced training, professional development and instructional and support materials are provided at no charge to volunteers. This program is funded by the Secretary of State Literacy office.

TANF Employment With Retention Project - Provides TANF recipients with employment readiness and retention workshops, job search skills, work skills, community service placement and case-management services. Education, career training and supportive services are available to those who qualify. The TANF Employment program accepts participants by referral through the local DHS office. Interested individuals should contact the JJC DAEL TANF staff at (815) 280-1375 to determine their eligibility for this program. Funding provided by the Illinois Department of Human Services.

Department of Adult Education and Literacy  
Contact Information: JJC City Center Campus
Room 300
214 North Ottawa
Joliet, Illinois 60432
Phone: (815) 280-1333  
Fax: (815) 727-1529  
Email: jjcdafs@jjc.edu  
Website: www.jjc.edu/info/dafs  

Workforce Development

Workforce Development’s mission: changing lives by developing a dynamic workforce through resources and programs while connecting people to business and community.

Workforce Development at Joliet Junior College is committed to encouraging local economic development by cultivating partnerships to provide comprehensive services to the Will and Grundy County workforces. To accomplish this goal, youth, adults and dislocated workers who are eligible for assistance under the Workforce Investment Act are assessed for employability skills and referred to training as appropriate for identified sectors of growing employment demand. Ideally, this will lead to the placement of these individuals in self-sufficient employment. Workforce Development also provides services leading to employment retention in high-wage and high-skilled jobs. Programs and services are provided in partnership with the Will and Grundy County Workforce Systems which focus on the economic needs of each region.

Workforce Development also provides services leading to employment and retention in high-wage and high-skilled jobs. Services include: assessments, professional certification and licensing exams. Workforce Development at JJC is part of a comprehensive system of services offered as part of the One-Stop Illinois WorkNet System which serves both employers and job seekers in Illinois. Programs are supported by grants from the Workforce Investment Board of Will County; Workforce Services Division of Will County; Grundy Livingston Kankakee Workforce Investment Board; the American Association of Community Colleges; US Department of Labor; and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

Workforce Investment Act

The Workforce Investment Act provides financial assistance to individuals for education and training so they can re-enter the workforce in jobs that will allow them to financially support themselves and their families. WIA funding is designed to train individuals in short-term certificate or associate degree programs that will make them more marketable for high-growth occupations in the area. Through training, workers are more likely to find better-paying jobs and employers are more likely to have their staffing needs fulfilled.

WIA Training Eligibility

  • Laid-off, downsized, or company went out of business, and you need a new job
  • Unemployed and struggling to find a job
  • Job searching for a long time with little or no results
  • Underpaid, underemployed or under trained
  • Your education or skills don’t match your career interest
  • Youth ages 18-21 years and in need of education or training beyond high school

Services and Training for Adults and Dislocated Workers

WIA establishes three basic levels of employment and training services to eligible individuals. All adults, age 18 or older, are eligible to receive core services. Additional intensive services are available to unemployed individuals who have been unable to obtain jobs through core services and those who are employed, but need additional training services to reach self-sufficiency. Training services are available for those who meet intensive services eligibility, but were unable to find employment through those services.

Programs and Services

Castle Worldwide Testing Center - Workforce Development is a testing facility for Castle Worldwide (www.castleworldwide.com). Castle administers professional certifications and licensing exams for a wide variety of professional associations and government agencies. Many of the exams are related to health care, business safety and design.

Customized Academic Advising and Registration - Meet with JJC advisers one on one for assistance with career strategy, enrollment in appropriate classes and billing processing for books, tuition and fees. Individual attention and strong community and business partnerships offer a diverse array of programs and services that support educational and employment goals.

Job Board - Workforce Development houses a job board that is viewed by several hundred job seekers a month. Individuals can view current job openings within their local area.

Plus 50 Workforce Center - The Plus 50 Workforce Center provides a special set of workshops and services geared specifically to the adult learner facing the opportunities and challenges of choosing a new career after age 50. Individuals age 50 and better who are leaving their current jobs and searching for a second career or retirement job are offered customized services to assist them in the career decision-making and job search processes. Programs and workshops, as well as access to a comprehensive resource area, are customized to meet the needs of the mature job seeker.

Refresh & Review - This is a brush-up class for those adults planning to return to the classroom after many years or those planning on re-entering the workforce. Individuals work at their own pace to review math and reading concepts that they once knew but have since forgotten. This class is free and was designed specifically for adults.

Career Certified - Career Certified customers will develop the skills necessary to obtain employment, retain employment and be promoted. By attending this intensive two-week training, Career Certified customers learn transferable job skills such as creating career goals, communication skills, workplace effectiveness, business etiquette, preferred work habits and foundation job skills such as reading for information, applied mathematics and ability to locate information.

Will County Work Certified - Work Certified customers will develop the skills necessary to get the job, keep the job and get ahead on the job. By attending this intensive two-week training, Work Certified customers learn job skills such as reading comprehension, business tools, pre-employment, customer service, business writing, job skills, business math and general business knowledge.

Workforce System Resource Room - Customers can utilize a variety of resources to aid in their job search and career planning. The resource room is equipped with computers, printers, a fax and telephone to help with job search research and correspondence. Literature on career exploration, job search strategies, resume writing, and interviewing techniques are available.

WorkKeys Assessments
Workkeys® Joliet Junior College is one of more than 300 WorkKeys Solution Providers nationwide. WorkKeys is an ACT-developed system that has helped thousands of companies, organizations, and individuals identify and learn the skills needed to fill specific jobs.

The abilities to learn, listen, communicate, work in teams, and solve problems are important assets for any workers, regardless of career choice. WorkKeys assessments measure these abilities in four key areas:

  • Communication: business writing, listening, reading for information, writing
  • Problem solving: applied mathematics, applied technology, locating information, observation
  • Interpersonal skills: teamwork
  • Personal skills: performance, talent, fit

National Career Readiness Certificate - The National Career Readiness Certificate verifies to employers anywhere in the United States that an individual has essential core employability skills in reading, math, and locating information. When employers ask for the National Career Readiness Certificate for jobs in their workplace, they tap into the most qualified labor pool in the area. Participants receive a work readiness credential, gaining a competitive edge, and become certified through the following assessments: reading for information, applied mathematics and locating information.

WorkKeys Paraprofessional Certificate -The Illinois State Board of Education requires paraprofessionals/teachers aides working in schools receiving Title I funds to meet requirements federally mandated in the No Child Left Behind Act. Individuals looking to meet the state requirements by taking WorkKeys assessments can become certified through the following assessments: reading for information, applied mathematics and business writing.

Workshops - Finding a new job or changing careers can be overwhelming at times. We want to assist you so that your job search is as productive and painless as possible. Workforce Development’s goal is to support and guide county residents in areas of job search and training in order to re-enter the workforce. We hope to assist residents in finding meaningful work which will allow them to be financially independent. The following free career workshops are offered: career assessment, resume writing, interviewing skills, Internet job search, networking and career research.

Youth Programs - For individuals age 16 to 21, the Will County Career Seekers program, and the Grundy County Young Professionals Network program, provide opportunities for individuals to invest in their futures by learning about themselves and about the world or work. Services include: GED preparation, tutoring, mentoring, study skills training, paid and unpaid work experience (such as internships), occupational skills training, leadership development, support services, career advising, follow-up services, financial incentives for learning new skills and service learning.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Assessment - The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® will help you to identify personality strengths and unique talents. You can use the information to better understand yourself, your motivations and your potential areas for growth and career options. A career counselor conducts a one-hour individual interpretation after the assessment. There is a fee associated with this assessment.

Strong Interest Inventory® - The Strong Interest Inventory® helps you better understand your interests and match those interests with career options or leisure activities. The inventory will allow you to compare your interests to those of men and women who are already successfully employed in a wide variety of occupations. A career counselor conducts a one-hour individual interpretation. There is a fee associated with this assessment. 

Services for Businesses

Facilities for Interviewing and Recruiting - Workforce Development has offices located at the City Center Campus and the Morris Education Center. We have several rooms available for interviewing or recruitment purposes: a private office, as well as state-of- the-art training facilities including computer labs.

Job Board and Illinois Skills Match - Workforce Development houses a job board that is viewed by several hundred job seekers a month. The job board gives you the opportunity to advertise your job openings for free to a large number of qualified candidates. In addition, through our close partnership with IDES, we can have your job openings posted at no cost on Illinois Skills Match. ISM is an Internet-based system that allows employers to specify the skills and qualifications they require, and produces candidates that match these precise requirements. Thousands of job seekers enter their skills into this database, giving you a wide range of candidates to choose from.

Recruitment and Pre-Screening - Our resume bank of job seekers allows us to quickly provide you with the resumes of qualified candidates for positions that need to be filled promptly. We can also distribute and collect your job applications from candidates to speed up the hiring process.

Testing and Assessment - In today’s challenging world of work, most jobs require a certain level of basic skills such as math and reading. We have the ability to test an applicant’s math and reading levels, which can provide you with valuable information to assist in the hiring process. Additional testing/assessment services are available to help you develop your existing workforce or find the perfect job candidate.

For more information on the college’s Workforce Development Initiatives, call (815) 280-1500 or visit www.jjc.edu/info/wd.

Workforce Development services are available at both the City Center Campus and Morris Education Center.

Joliet Junior College
City Center Campus
214 North Ottawa Street
Joliet, Illinois 60432
(815) 280-1500

Joliet Junior College
Morris Education Center
1715 North Division
Morris, IL 60450
(815) 942-0566