2012-2013 Catalog 
    May 27, 2024  
2012-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Errata Sheet

Corrections and Additions to the 2012-2013 Joliet Junior College Catalog


Addition of CPR 100  to Courses

Addition of prerequisite to SPCH 101  

Correction to Career and Technical General Education  

ENG 190 should be included in Group III: Humanities and Fine Arts

Correction to Program TE260  Computer Aided Design and Drafting, A.A.S.  

Missing Major Core Requirement: MFG 115 or MFG 200

Correction to Program TE059 CADD Management  

Missing Core Requirement: MGMT 102

Correction to Program AG500 Veterinary Medical Technology, A.A.S.  

Note regarding General Education Requirements has been changed

Correction to Courses Approved For The A.A. and A.S. Degrees  

Notation of “Pending” has been removed from LRES 100 and LTA 101

Correction to Course Credit Hours

AEC 299  should be listed as variable credit

Correction to Prerequisite on Course DGTL 204  

correct prerequisite: Minimum grade “C” in DGTL 102 and DGTL 104 

Correction to Course Description INTD 116  

Statement regarding “Global and/or International Perspective” should have been removed

Correction to Prerequisite and Corequisite on Course INTD 230  

correct prerequisite: Minimum grade “C” in INTD 102, INTD 133 and CADD 103

corequisite: INTD 118

Correction to Course Number

NSCI 90 should be NSCI 090  

Correction to Course Credit Hours

VET 118  should be 2-0-2

Correction to Culinary Arts AAS, CA100

Major Core Electives should say, “select 8 hours from the following courses”