2014-2015 Catalog 
    Sep 27, 2021  
2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Errata Sheet

Corrections and Additions to the 2014-2015 Joliet Junior College Catalog

“Attendance” has been added to the Academic Policies and Procedure

ENG 221 Literature of Asia -  added IAI Code: H3 908N

HIST 200 History of Great Britain Since 1688 - added IAI Code: H2 908

Criminal Justice Professional, AAS SS190 - add to General Education requirements  Group III: Humanities/Fine Arts - Select one IAI Humanities/Fine Arts - 3 credit hours

Music Technology, CCO FA050 - adjust Major Core Requirements to say, ” MUS 110 - Class Piano or MUS 120 - Applied Piano (two semesters required)”, and remove MUS 299 from list of courses. Also add the following: Note: MUS 110: Class Piano and MUS 120: Applied Piano are each 1-credit hour courses. You may take any combination to equal 2 credit hours.

Nursing Program accreditation ACEN website has been corrected: www.acenursing.org

Microsoft User Specialist CO517, increase of hours from 17 to 20 effective 2014 Fall. Addition of OFS 101.

Precision Machine Technology AAS TE550 - Under Major Core Requirements:52 hours, it should say CADD 250 or CADD 270.

Administrative Assistant, Certificate of Completion CO810: ICCB approval of increase of hours is approved for 2014FL.

Legal Administrative Assistant, Certificate of Achievement CO815: ICCB approval of increase of hours is approved for 2014FL.

Orthotics Technology, Certificate of Completion TE123: omitted from the 2014 paper catalog. 

Computer Information Systems Computer and Network Security Specialist, AAS CO241: General Education requirement should read “Course from Group IV: Math”.

Horticulture Nursery Management Option, AG700: repaired the link to the us.gov website.  New link is http://www.bls.gov/ooh/farming-fishing-and-forestry/agricultural-workers.htm.

Nurse Assistant, Certification of Completion, NU400: should be 13.5 hours. 

Advanced Certified Nurse Assistant, Certificate of Achievement, NU477: Should be 33.5 hours.

BIO 151 new IAI number:  New number is L1910L,  changed from old number L1900L effective 1/1/14

Construction Management, AAS, TE317:  changed wording of General Education requirements.  Moved ENG 102 and ENG 130 from the first point to the last point which says, Select one course from Groups I-V: General Education - select a minimum of 3 credit hours from: SPCH 101, ENG 102, ENG 130, PHYS 100, or PHYS 101.

PSYC 209 is now accepted as an IAI course S6 903.  Course is now listed with General Education requirements for transfer degrees.

Medical Administrative Assistant, CO500: General Education requirements should say, ENG 101 or ENG 130, and should show SPCH 101 as required.

NA 125 Basic Electrocardiography: correction to prerequisite.  Removing NA 122 as concurrent prerequisite.

Medical Corpsman to PN and NURS 120 added to catalog effective 2015SP.

ENG 232 Poetry Writing added to courses approved for AA/AS degrees.

GSD 111 Job Seeking Skills added to Courses Approved for the AA/AS and to the course descriptions.

CIS 271 Windows Client OS: Prerequisite should read CIS 263 or CNT 101, or consent of instructor.

Personal Trainer, Certificate of Achievement:  Total required hours are 32 as approved by the ICCB effective 2014FL

Welding Technology, AAS TE976 change of program title effective 2014FL (previous title “Industrial Welding Technology”)

JAPN 112 Conversational Japanese III should be listed in courses approved for AA/AS electives.  Course is accepted for transfer.

ITAL 112 Conversational Italian III should be listed in Courses Approved for AA/AS Electives.  Course is accepted for transfer.

Nursing programs NU500, Nursing RN AAS degree and NU060, Nursing PN Certificate of Achievement have changes to the admission criteria.

Veterinary Medical Technology AG500, AAS degree: note regarding students self-registering under curriculum code TE010 has been removed.

BIO 151 received continued IAI General Education Transfer status 6/14/14.  IAI number L1 910L noted.

BIO 152 received IAI General Education Transfer status 6/14/14.  Now included in Transfer General Education.  IAI number, L1 910L noted.

MATH 150 received continued IAI General Education Transfer status 10/24/14.  IAI number should be M1 900B.

PHSCI 125 Life in the Universe should have contained an asterisk (*) to show that it is allowed to be used as an additional science requirement for the Associate in Science degree.

INST 101 and INST 102 added to list of Courses with International Content.

PHYS 102: Minimum grade of C in PHYS 101 added to course requirements.

HORT 162:  Incorrectly lists HORT 160 as a prerequisite.  This course has no prerequisites.

HORT 224:  Incorrectly lists HORT 254 as a prerequisite.  This course has no prerequisites.

HORT 223:  Incorrectly lists HORT 160 as a prerequisite.  This course has no prerequisites.

TE600 Mechanical Production Technology -  change major core requirement to say, “Any welding course(s) 3 credit hours”.

AS 228 Introduction to Diesel Technology - should be listed as 3 credits.  (2-2-3)