2014-2015 Catalog 
    Dec 05, 2021  
2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Online and Blended Course Offerings

Through iCampus, Joliet Junior College, is meeting the growing demand for online learning options, allowing students to flexibility to pursue an education while maintaining their busy schedules. Online classes at JJC are fully accredited and transferable. Formats include online and blended courses.


Online Courses

Online Courses rely primarily on the use of The iCampus site to facilitate teaching and learning. Students enrolled in an Online Course do not attend class on-campus: however, some Online Courses may require campus visits for exams. New content and class activities in Online courses are made available throughout the semester; it is not possible to complete Online Courses at your own pace.

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Blended Courses

Blended Courses are taught partially online and maritally in a traditional classroom setting. Blended Courses reduce the amount of time spent in class on campus by reserving class time for lectures and other activities and requiring most course work to be completed online.

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Is An Online or Blended Course Right For Me?

Students considering taking an Online Course or Blended Course for the first time should review the “Is an Online or Blended Course Right For Me?” page to determine whether or not they have the skills needed for a successful experience in these types of courses.

Getting Started in your Online or Blended Course

Students who have registered for an Online or Blended Course often ask themselves “What do I do now?” To get started in an Online or Blended Course, student should begin by closely reviewing the Getting Started Information.

Successful completion of an online orientation is required prior to taking an Online or Blended Course at JJC.

For More Information

Visit www.jjc.edu/icampus for more information about Online and Blended learning options.