2024-2025 Catalog 
    Jul 13, 2024  
2024-2025 Catalog

Tuition, Fees, and Payments

Tuition, Fees and Payments

Tuition and fees are subject to change. For the current list of tuition and payment options, visit jjc.edu > Getting Started > Pay for College.

Students are responsible for making payments by their scheduled payment due dates. A student that decides not to attend the course(s) in which he/she is registered for, is responsible for dropping the course(s) by the refund date of the course(s) (found on my student schedule) to avoid any financial liability to the college. Full payments may be made online at my.jjc.edu or by mail. In-person payments can be made at the Main Campus Student Accounts & Payments office, Campus Center room A-1020 (Enrollment Center), (815) 280-6688, or at the Romeoville Campus Student Services Office (RMA-1024), (815) 886-3000. JJC also offers an online automatic tuition payment plan (See “Tuition Payment Plan” below).

Tuition Payment Plan

Having a solid plan for covering the cost of college is an important step toward graduation. Joliet Junior College is pleased to offer an online, automatic payment plan to help make the process easier for you. There is no interest or finance charge assessed, and there is no credit check. Refer to the JJC website for current payment schedule and specifics regarding the payment plan. jjc.edu > Getting Started > Pay for College > Payment Information.

Student Restrictions

A restriction (also known as a ‘notification’ on the portal or may be referred to as a ‘hold’) may be placed on a student’s record for various reasons. If you have an outstanding obligation to the college, access to your grades, transcripts, registration and various services within Student Self Service/MyJJC may be blocked, as allowed by law. Please contact the department which has placed the restriction on your account for further information.

Delinquent debts may be referred to collection agencies. The student will be responsible to pay any and all costs associated with collecting unpaid charges.